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This wiki is intended for faculty, staff, and students at UW-Stout who are writing problems for WebWork.


Annotated Example Problems:

Older tutorials which might be useful:

May 11 workshop

Software Setup

Long-term Development


Problem Authoring: General Info

Problem Authoring: Stout macros and contexts

Code Snippets

College Mathematics

Finite Mathematics

Elementary Statistics

Personal Development Pages



  1. Test that problems render correctly in Images, jsMath, and MathJax modes

  2. Test that hardcopy generates correctly
  3. Assign the same problems to 100 students (http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Classlist_Files), generate hardcopy for all 100 students with correct answers and solutions (make sure that there are no errors)

  4. Check the wording of the problem: is it confusing? does it tell the student what needs to be done?
  5. Check for orphaned answer blanks: there must be some text before each answer blank, even if it is just Answer: \{ ans_rule(20) \}. If the answer has some units attached to it, there must be units after the answer blank, or the problem must make students enter the units with the number.

  6. Are answer blanks sufficiently large for answers to fit?
  7. Does the problem use MathObjects.pl?

  8. Does the problem include PGcourse.pl?
  9. Make sure that the display math mode, \[ ... \] is not used. Instead one uses \( \displaystyle ... \) math mode.

  10. Read through this page, http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Problem_Authoring_Best_Practices, and follow as many additional rules as possible

Spring 2013

  1. The page with the files is here

  2. Coding Standards page is here

  3. Commonly used code snippets are here

Fall 2013

  1. Math-120 Solutions Page

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